July 28, 2021

BIKEnnale & WALKennale at Vancouver’s Biennale

The BIKEnnale and WALKennale are being run as part of Vancouver’s Public Art Biennale. You can register online for a self-guided tour. Register once and receive new tours until October 11, with forty to choose from.

A-mazing Laughter statues at English Bay in Vancouver’s West End. Artist: Yue Minjun.
Photo by GardenTherapy.ca/screengrab

The cost is a five dollar donation for individuals and fifteen dollars for families, with all funds going towards new public art installations, artist residencies and education programs. Rides and walks are gauged for everyone’s ability and indicate the level of skill each route takes.

Each tour includes several points of interest and annotations throughout. We guarantee that you’ll discover and learn about hidden cultural, historic and architectural treasures throughout the city and have loads of fun doing it!

All tours are easily accessible by cell phone with a new and greatly improved user-friendly app. All tours are also downloadable for those who prefer a paper map. You can find out more information about this remarkable public art festival by clicking this link.


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