July 26, 2021

Is this the thinnest building in Vancouver?

It’s always fun to come across a real surprise in Vancouver – especially for someone who thinks they know the city pretty well (like me).  On a cycling discovery tour with Daily Scot, we came across this:

It’s 1445 West 8th, just off Granville – and I had never noticed it before.  Given its width and slight setback, that’s not surprising.  But it immediately evoked the question: is it the thinnest in the city? – thinner, maybe, than the fabled Sam Kee Building on Pender Street in Chinatown (right), said to be four feet in its interior (and arguably the thinnest building in the world).  However, if you include the bay windows on the second floor, it appears to be about eight feet, according to Google maps – which is what 1445 West 8th measures too.

At those widths, though, the measures can easily be out, depending on where the cursor is.

Mostly likely, it’s the second widest building in the city (assuming there aren’t others we’ve missed).  And No. 2 doesn’t get much respect in comparison.





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  1. Here’s my question: that place doesn’t look big enough to swing a cat, so how do they do Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

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