June 10, 2021

Young Planners Session: Skate – Jun 10

This is dated June 9th for an event on June 10th – not exactly great planning.  But a good idea:

Opportunity For Youth to Engage in a Design Event Tomorrow Night


If you are a Young Planner or know someone who is one, we need your help!

Maybe you love using the city’s skateparks and basketball courts, maybe you wish the streets were safer for everyone or maybe you just want better parks and spaces to hang out.

We know that a lot of our public spaces don’t work for youth and we want to hear your ideas for how they could be improved. We’re partnering with our friends at Urbanarium for an interactive session that will bring your designs and ideas to life!

You’ll also have a chance to draw along, brainstorm with your peers, share ideas, get volunteer hours and maybe win a prize!

June 10 | 7pm

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