January 11, 2021

Will “The Evolution of Kerrisdale” Sells Condos in Today’s Market?

There’s a Vancouver real estate marketing YouTube video making the rounds of social media that describes a “different way of life” that is “elegantly removed from the hectic pace of downtown”.

You can watch the video below with that calm hushed voice describing the Arbutus Greenway as “one of the longest linear parks in the world” (no mention that it is a rail-right-of-way) and compares it with New York City’s Highline, Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, Avenue Montaigne in Paris and Mayfair and Chelsea in London. The whole point is that you  can live in a “stately greenside manor” “poised in the most distinguished part of the Arbutus greenway”.

This is really selling  the redevelopment of the Kerrisdale Lumber and hardware store in the 6100 block of West Boulevard by Gryphon Developments. This is a five storey mixed use building with 64 units with size ranges from around 800 to 1,300 square feet. There are one to three bedroom units as well as 19,000 square feet of retail for shops and services. The architect is Taizo Yamamoto and you can take a look at the submission to the Urban Design Panel here.

You can also take a look at the heritage designation of the eastern side of the facade here.

The elevations for the building appear relatively unremarkable and similar to other  types of residential development in the city.  There is the retention of the 1930’s facade north of the much loved hardware store.

Gryphon Developments also is marketing The Westbury in Arbutus Ridge and is offering a “Royal Curator” service which is to be a step up from ordinary concierge services.

The videos are intriguing, and it appears that the buildings are being marketed internationally showing Kerrisdale with bridle paths and horse riders in it, elegant shopping areas, and the ability to ride a bike in the centre of the road. Oddly there are no elderly people on the streets, the children are all in private school uniforms (with a fleeting reference to St. George’s school building shown, and the videos feel salubrious and rural.

Will it sell condos? You can take a look at the marketing for “global sophistication” here.



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  1. The heritage facade that is being retained is NOT the facade of the “much loved” Kerrisdale Lumber building. That building is at the south end of the block and is being demolished to make way for the new building.

  2. I like the repetitive classicism (maybe formalism) of the facade.
    A clean take compared to many condos whose facades are too busy or cluttered.