May 6, 2020

Covid City Trends: Add Your Own

Further to Andy Yan’s predictions about the post-Covid city, regular commenter Jolson added his observations:

  • Staying home.
  • Spatial distancing
  • Smiling eyes and missing faces
  • The designer face mask
  • Essentials shopping
  • Aging in place, not going to retirement / nursing homes
  • Virtual University instruction
  • Internet enabled remote working
  • Online shopping and delivery
  • Internet enabled home schooling
  • Disappearance of the rush hour
  • Disappearance of aircraft overhead
  • Virtual travel on Google Earth and YouTube
  • Disappearance of night life, cafés and restaurants
  • Fewer people in the downtown core
  • Blue skies, clean water, pure air
  • Nature walks

ADD YOUR OWN to comments below.


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  1. Great list. Being ancient myself, I especially like “Aging in place, not going to retirement / nursing homes”. But, only if there are greatly expanded support services to do so.

  2. Meeting way more neighbours over (distance) cocktails at the local parklet.
    Take-away dinners along the seawall with cold ones to go.
    Occupying the nooks and crannies of our parks that never seemed so important before.
    Participating in the cacophony at 7pm.
    Enjoying the endless murals in the downtown core.
    Hearing the birds.

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