May 1, 2020

How will bikeshare perform in a post-covid city?

Maybe pretty well.

From The Cityfix:

Reviving Bike Sharing as a Reliable, Low-Carbon Mobility Mode

Unlike public transport, the pandemic actually reignited interest in dockless bike sharing, an industry that had been experiencing a notable contraction in China. During the 50-day public transport lockdown in Wuhan, Meituan Bike (formerly Mobike) provided a remarkable 2.3 million trips in the city. As China’s economy re-opens, bike sharing appears to be back on the rise.  … ride volume in Beijing has increased 120-187%, compared to before the pandemic. …

It seems increasingly likely that this surge in biking is more than a temporary phenomenon. Evidence suggests that cyclists are riding longer distances directly to their final destinations, not just for first- and last-mile connections. …

Feeling safe is also important for riders, suggesting cities may need to invest in safe cycling infrastructure to protect riders as motor vehicle traffic returns.

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  1. It would be great if Vancouver could switch to an ebike share.
    I think you’d find a lot more uptake and people willing to go farther and do more by bike – which would lead to making it easier to justify more cycling infrastructure.

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