April 21, 2020

Flow / Slow Streets: Vancouver Fails

Some of the biggest names in mobility are supporting the momentum for re-purposing streets.

Jeff Tumlin, Director of Transportation in San Francisco:


Janette Sadik-Khan, past Transportation Commissioner in New York City:


In Vancouver:

The absence of the mayor, any councillor or park commissioner taking advantage of an obvious success like the Beach flow way is a mystery to me.  So far, I haven’t heard a supportive comment to build on this success from any elected official at the City or Park Board.

But I can bet on one thing: after a summer of using Stanley Park and Beach in this configuration, we’re not going back to the way it was.

Sarcasm alert:  (Yes, it’s time to dismantle all the success we’ve had at giving road space to safely distance, provide opportunities for people to recreate and exercise in their neighbourhoods, and encourage active transportation – because we have to make room for all the cars that are coming on the road as people abandon transit, drive more, take advantage of cheap oil and literally step on the gas so we can increase carbon emissions and accelerate climate change.  After all, how bad could it be when nature gets all disruptive on us?)

There’s a window here, but no elected official seems to want to open it wider.

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  1. The City is still without a Director of Transportation, not having yet found Lon LeClair’s replacement. And the Mayor has more on his plate at the moment than the state of under-used streets. Hopefully someone (Dale Bracewell?) will get that nod soon and be empowered to champion some sensible moves regarding the future of the city’s transportation network.

    1. I asked, and was told that there are Acting Directors of Transportation (rotating monthly), drawn from the former direct reports.

  2. I agree, thr mayor and council are showing a gross lack of leadersip. All that i have heard the mayor do is beg for provincial and federal money. He is a brokrn record. Vancouver is a rich and spoiled city, and he makes it look much worse.

  3. Of course Beach will be going back to the way it was. Plus the city will have zero money for cycling projects, or anything else…