April 21, 2020

Taking Possession of the Pinkways

Neighbourhoods are taking possession of their greenways.

Or, rather, pinkways.

It’s that time of year in Vancouver East.  From the 1950s on, thousands of flowering cherries and plums have been planted on the avenues east of Ontario.  When flying into YVR, if anyone could at the moment, you’d see a grid of pink outlining the streets as they curve over the slope of the city.

On the streets themselves (in this case 14th and 15th Avenues near Main Street) people aren’t acting as though the car was ever-present and dominant, to be yielded to at all times.  Because at the moment, it isn’t.

There’s a little psychic no-no that pops up whenever you walk down the centre of a street.  It’s caution.  And it gets in the way of just assuming that what you’re doing is okay.

When two mothers with their strollers are comfortable walking in the middle of the street, it’s definitely okay.

Then more and more follow.

Et voila.  The neighbourhood has possession.


Thanks to Tracy Wilkins for the pics.




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