April 14, 2020

Dianna’s Covidiary: Stanley Park in Reverse

Good morning, world!  Here we are at Prospect Point shortly after dawn this morning, and you just have to trust that we came up the OTHER direction.

I was riding at the front of our little gang of three, and was so alert for oncoming cyclists, and one car, that I didn’t do much looking around.

We got a few dirty glances from the dozen other riders we encountered (at a safe distance) but only one comment. Just before we peaked, a man called, “Heads up for a coyote at the bottom of the hill. Or maybe a wild dog. I’m not sure.”

I did notice that the damage done to the park during the ’06 windstorm is much more evident from that direction.

And the climb is totally different—steadier and quite gentle rather than the stair steps of the usual route. And woodpeckers! So many. But maybe that was due to the early hour.


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  1. Sounds great! Perhaps while the road is closed to cars it should be signed for 2-way cyclist use – I don’t see any particular reason why that wouldn’t work, and if it’s official then everyone would be aware to watch for oncoming cyclists.

  2. The other day I went up the “wrong” way there without even knowing you shouldn’t. Beach Avenue’s on-road temporary bike/walk/roll/etc lane is two way so I just assumed that it was the same in Stanley Park.
    There’s totally enough room to make it two way officially. Maybe don’t even need cones.

  3. If the Park Board sign it for two way traffic, then great, go at it. Until that happens, riding the wrong way up a one way road can put others at risk, not just yourself. Remember that all those coming towards you have lots of signage that tells them to use both lanes.

    I think PB staff efforts would be better put towards making some paths one way for people walking. That would greatly reduce the number of people passing close by each other., which is the goal of all this.

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