March 19, 2020

BC Transit Buses Are Free In Victoria and Nanaimo B.C. During COVID-19 Crisis


BC Transit has announced for the next thirty days that they are implementing rear door bus boarding in Victoria and Nanaimo, while accessible boarding will be offered at the front door. The reason for this is to provide the appropriate social distancing for drivers and passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The response on social media has been grateful from customers, and you can imagine this is a relief to bus drivers too who are providing an essential transportation service to many people.

But what happens in Metro Vancouver? Many essential workers do rely on transit to get them to and from their work. Will TransLink be allowing for rear door access and free transportation to give everyone social distance?

Update~TransLink is allowing free fares on buses as of March 20,please use rear side door for entry unless you need the accessibility features available at the front door.





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  1. I believe that all the Translink buses are now equipped with Compass readers at all the exits – if that’s true they can go ahead with rear door boarding even if they don’t waive the fare.

  2. Translink buses are now free as well and loading through rear doors to protect bus drivers.
    I can’t remember if bus drivers have plastic shields or not.

    (I received an email that Safeway is installing plastic shields for its cashiers)

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