March 18, 2020

The Dr. Bonnie Henry Fan Club & Song


The corona virus also now known as COVID-19 is top of mind for everyone in British Columbia as the province deals with the potential impacts. Most people have been asked to work from home,  increase their personal space,  minimize contact with others, and of course, wash hands.

The Medical Health Officer for the province is Dr. Bonnie Henry.  Dr Henry after receiving her medical degree went to San Diego to do a masters in Public Health and then did residencies in preventive medicine and community medicine at the Universities of California and Toronto.

She worked on polio eradication with World Health Organization and UNICEF in Pakistan and also worked on the Ebola outbreak in Uganda. She was the operational lead to the SARS response in Toronto in 2003 and was a member of the  H1N1 influenza Pandemic Coordinating Committee in that 2009 outbreak.

Dr. Henry is also a compelling speaker, and has been a champion at advocating for Vision Zero, where no road deaths are tolerable.  Dr. Henry has also written a book called “Soap and Water and Common Sense”.

In short, Dr. Henry is eminently qualified to lead the Provincial decision making on how to arrest the COVID-19 virus, and has been the calm, consistent knowledgeable voice in daily updates on the crisis. She’s been approachable and accessible, and will be part of a virtual town hall meeting with Global News this Thursday.

It’s no surprise that Dr. Henry’s work and efforts have been highly appreciated in this province. There is even a twitter account called the Dr. Bonnie Henry Fan Club set up by a northern Vancouver island resident.  As of press time, Dr. Henry’s fan club has over 4,750 followers.

The first YouTube video with a song honouring Dr. Henry has just been posted by Amy Shier, and we at Price Tags are happy to share it with you below.

Thank you Dr. Henry for your work and commitment.




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  1. Dr. Henry certainly deserves a lot of praise. Calm, cool and collected 99.9% of the time, she is a voice of reason and reassurance that cuts right through the chatter. Her one moment of letting it slip was in reaction to the risks her health care colleagues are facing with every long, long shift. Very understandable.

    She may need a bit of reinforcement by those in government that possess big sticks, though. If only everyone would heed her messages, especially the party animals at still-open Vancouver pubs and restaurants along the White Rock beach. And the hoarders who have decimated store shelves with their repulsively selfish actions, therein depriving others who need cleaners, food and TP just as much. May those who resell hoarded products at inflated prices be at least publicly shamed. Better yet, fined if possible. Store managers need to wise up and impose strict limits on purchases.

    The public sector needs to get its act together too. The Metro contains a plethora of cities with a plethora of responses to COVID-19. Some city halls have closed to the public to protect their employees in addition to closing community and recreation centres. Others have not, or have left some facilities open and closed others. The issue of leave-with or leave-without-pay is a mixed bag that evolves by the hour. And disclosure of the presence of the virus in some public workplaces is dangerously lax; some managers feel it is a private health matter and that co-workers — even those with underlying compromised health conditions — needn’t know about it. Think about that for a minute. These public institutions require direct input from Dr. Henry and leadership from the province which should be considering ordering all city halls and publicly accessed provincial agency offices closed for a period of time to minimize the spread and the inevitable aftermath. The digital workplace needn’t be too concerned.