July 5, 2019

Jean Swanson’s Perfect Voting Record

From @nm_nvan:

Here’s an update of each councilor’s record of voting for the 311 market rental units in the 8 projects that have come to council this term. Renter advocate @JeanSwanson  managed to maintain her perfect record of voting against market rental units.

When one crosses the bar from activist to councillor, usually one grasps the difference between politics (the art of the possible) and ideology (where the perfect drives out the good).  In that respect, Swanson’s record is not unexpected. The curious one is Pete Fry’s.


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  1. To restrict supply by denying rental applications while simultaneously advocating for affordability is tantamount to enabling cognitive dissonance.

  2. Vancouver needs more density, but those who will make big bucks from a density lift need to stop being so cheap on both design & community benefits— Does anyone believe the 12,000 square foot mansion threat ???—- if built it would be worth less than the cost to build plus land value.—– Jean is trying get developers to step up their community benefits game

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