August 28, 2018

Vancouver Mayoral Debate – September 17

Mayoral Debate

September 14 at 4 pm is the closing date for people to file nominations for civic positions, including Mayor and councillor, in the October, 2018 Metro Vancouver civic election. Candidates will both file a document, and, in Vancouver at least, drop off a $100 deposit, which they will get back if they play nice.

And hot on the heels of this end to trial balloons, tactical maneuvers, ill-considered enthusiasm and general no-commitment hanky-panky, the debates begin (register for free HERE):

Vancouver Mayoral Debate

  • September 17, 2018
  • 7-9 pm
  • SFU Harbour Centre, Fletcher Theatre
  • 515 W Hastings

Sponsored and organized by Business In Vancouver, Vancouver Courier and Vancouver Is Awesome.

Rumour has it (started by me) that the Fletcher Theatre is the only location with a large enough stage to hold all the candidates at one time. If a similar event goes ahead for Vancouver council candidates, it seems that organizers will have to book the hockey rink.

As of writing (August 28, 3:30 pm), we have an announced group of 7 in the debate, out of 12 currently-announced  candidates for Mayor. So even as Mario Canseco’s polling results start to winnow winners from also-rans, the debate organizers have anointed their top 7 candidates to be taken seriously.

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