August 28, 2018

Ready for More Price Tags? Please Donate.

From newsletter to blog, Price Tags has provided a balanced and often unique perspective on urbanism. So do our commenters: Price Tags is a forum for civil, spirited dialogue — something increasingly needed in our disruptive times.

To keep hearing those voices and maintain that forum, we’re asking you to make a sincere gesture with a small donation.

For a limited time, all contributions will be matched, to a total of $10,000, thanks our very first donor. Your donation will be effectively doubled — and here’s where the money will go.

These funds will allow us to reach more people with more dynamic content:

  • More coverage of the civic elections across the Metro Vancouver region.
  • Commissioning our own writing and research on the issues that you care about: transportation, housing, and all that keeps our cities livable.
  • Expanding our reach with podcasts, public events and new partnerships.

Your financial support will help us reach those goals, allowing us to continue to deliver our perspectives and a platform for dialogue.

Any donation is appreciated. Contributions of $25, $50 or more let us know you’ve been enjoying Price Tags as a source of informative, engaging, and sometimes entertaining perspectives on urbanism — and that you’re ready for more.

Thank you for your readership, and your support.

Gordon Price
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Price Tags

Price Tags Media Society is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia. Photo credit: Jennifer Friesen.

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