June 11, 2018

Real Estate Marketing 101: Trivision on the Arbutus Corridor

Also called Tri-Face, Three Message Sign, Prismavision, or Prismatic displays, this Trivision billboard sign rotates 120 degrees to show three different advertisements.

And the three messages on this Trivision billboard installed along Arbutus Street read sequentially like a prescription for the 20th century.

The first promises “Music to your Engine” by protecting your vehicular motor; next, the promise of wealth creation.

But it’s the third sign that stands out.

Two-thirds of the advertisement depicts a large house with warm light glowing out of the windows. The balance contains a well-dressed realtor in a business suit, with the starkly charmless value proposition for passers-by — a 5,360 square foot home on a 9,299 square foot lot, located on West 45th Avenue and Balaclava in Vancouver.

The price? An astounding $10,880,000. Have a look at the house that used to be on this site — a three bedroom, three bathroom house, listed at $2,900,000 just four years ago.

This new, replacement house has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, six parking spaces, and a price well over three times the asking price of the original house.

Of course there’s no pretense or nuance about the price, it’s there in large billboard letters. They must know their audience, and have a finger on the pulse. The realtor’s website admonishes “Don’t miss this one!


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  1. 3409 43rd Ave W: This pretentious excrescence was listed and removed just 6 months ago. Ask then was a ludicrous $8.4M. Bumped by $2.5M?!? The scraper was acquired 5 years ago for $2.75M.
    Putting aside the dysfunctional kitchen and overall garishness that would only appeal to a Trumpian – there is no lane. No laneway house – no lane. Half of the property is dedicated to a driveway around the house and a garage.
    Looking for a buyer with lots of cash, lots of cars, and no taste.

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