June 7, 2018

He’s In, He’s Out; He Can Turn on a Dime

In a twist that’s highly circular, Hector Bremner (current NPA Vancouver City Councillor) has made an overture to the party that denied him a chance at their mayoral nomination.

On it’s face, this has a really low probability of success, but there may be more here than meets the eye.

Mr. Bremner has offered to rejoin the NPA if they’ll do a runoff vote for mayoral candidate between him and recently nominated Mr. Sim. While the NPA might decide to do this, it’s got about as much chance as a Canucks’ Stanley Cup victory in 2019.

Could this be an obtusely angled way of branding Mr. Bremner more clearly (The Big, the Only, Housing Guy), and defining the NPA as being out of step?

Not to mention headlines, tweets and so on — name recognition, dont’cha know.

‘If he [Sim] would be willing to have a runoff, that would be great. That would make me reconsider,’ Bremner went on.

‘And if they were willing to run on a bold plan to fix housing in Vancouver,’ Bremner added. ‘But it seems to me at the moment that the NPA is choosing the status quo. I think it looks like they want to face the future with fear, and I say we need to face it with hope and a plan. . . .

Again speaking in connection with the slight prospect of working again with the NPA and Sim, Bremner said: ‘If he was willing to run on policies on a platform that is strong on housing and strong on fixing Vancouver, and…getting outside of the status quo and incrementalism. But you know to this point, I’ve heard nothing but status quo and incrementalism.’

[Many thanks to Carlito Pablo in the Georgia Straight].

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