June 5, 2018

The Travelling Eye…Spies Something Glowing

Courtesy of Judy Bishop, a long-time Vancouver area technology marketing executive, and now apparently another one of those maddening people with “the best job in the world” (our take, anyways — she takes photographs for Getty Images).

Bishop recently found a special perspective on a building that, if you happen to spend any time in the wind channel tucked between the West End and Coal Harbour, you’ve seen a million times…but maybe you’ve never seen it like this.

I recall a slightly…different-looking building. Twenty years ago, much like The Empress in Victoria, or the original Hotel Georgia, The Banff was a stuffy, awkward building with oddly-angled spaces. It also had quite a bit of deep green trim that gave it a squat, impermeable look.

I visited it a few times prior to a terrible fire in 2002, which then led to a major restoration. Now, it appears quite beautiful (yes, even from ground level). And no doubt, it is once again a desirable place to live.

Thanks to Peter Ladner for the tip.

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    1. Henry Barton Watson in 1909

      I used to attend the gym on the 2nd floor across Butte St and always enjoyed viewing it while I ran on the belt.

  1. I think the reference to “New York-style posh residential hotels & apartments that once lined West Georgia Street between Thurlow Street and Stanley Park” is an exaggeration.

    Unless apartments blocks were demolished for automotive showrooms and the like, I seem to recall seeing historic photos of Georgia St. with predominantly 1-2 storey buildings.

    Here’s a pic of the area from 1957 showing a number of empty lots.

    and from 1919:

    Undated, but you can see the Banff Apartment with the 7-Up sign:

    One big parcel near Stanley Park (@Gilford) housed the Horse Show Building:

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