May 28, 2018

Metro Vancouver Bike to Work Week — Spring 2018

Under perfect skies, Metro Vancouver is celebrating the growing number of people who choose to ride their bike to work.  Many, I’m sure, are creating their free BTWW accounts, creating routes, logging their trips, and hoping to win a bike or the big prize — a trip for 2 to Portugal.
The following pix are from Burrard and Pacific on Monday, May 28, one of over 80 Celebration Stations in a dozen municipalities in the region.
As a side observation, it’s encouraging to see the steady and conflict-free movement of people on two feet, two wheels, and four wheels through this intersection. This location was one of Vancouver’s highest crash-rate intersections prior to the rehabilitation.
As usual, click on any photo to get a large-size slide show of them all (with captions, no less).

By the way, to see one of the longest lists of sponsors and supporters one could expect to see for a free public event, check out HUB’s Bike to Work Week page.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Ken!

    We had over 1600 people ride by the station pictured above, in a little over two hours on Monday morning. Bike to Work Week runs to Sunday.

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