May 28, 2018

Parking and the City — Donald Shoup

Is storage of motor vehicles (a.k.a. parking) a topic that needs a further look? Or will it remain a blind spot?
Donald Shoup offers, for free, the introduction to his new book “Parking and the City” (93 pages).
The introduction itself is a short and updated version of “The High Cost of Free Parking“, his classic book from 2005 that changed city planners’ thinking about storing motor vehicles. And how parking solidifies motordom’s iron grip on our cities.
Shoup also tells us a bit about what follows his introduction:

The following 51 chapters then report on the subsequent flowering of research and action on three recommended parking reforms: (1) remove off-street parking requirements, (2) charge the right prices for on-street parking, and (3) return the revenue to pay for local public services. . .
Both The High Cost of Free Parking and Parking and the City severely criticize current planning policies. Condemning the way many cities now plan for parking is an indictment of strategy and tactics, not of motives. Whatever our differences, I am sure all planners share the same goal of improving city life. How to go about this task is the enduring question of our profession, and I hope this new book will spur a debate that brings us to a better answer. After all, that is why we are city planners.


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