May 16, 2018

Advice To Neophyte Politicians

The October 2018 civic election in Metro Vancouver will bring lots of new faces to councils throughout the region.
First-time candidates are lining up party nominations, supporters and potential voters.  Many seem to be at the stage of introducing themselves; the messaging, issues and platform stage is yet to come.
What they need are insights into the purpose of this stage and the motivations that drive candidates through it, and perhaps some examples of winning messages.
Consultant and writer Danielle Klooster offers the following “Five Terrible Reasons to Run For Municipal Office“.  DaniKloo-PC-67
It’s an alternately funny and sobering read, with a dash of “seen that, groaned at it” for good measure.
She ends with this admonition:

Why should you actually run for Council? You should run because you wish to serve your community, to provide good leadership, to plan and build for the future. You should run because you have a contribution to make, ideas to be shared, passion that won’t abate and a commitment to do the right thing no matter what. You should run if you understand that you will have to sacrifice popularity and family time, and that you will have to sometimes make decisions that benefit the community as a whole but don’t benefit you personally. You should run if you want a better future for your grandchildren, and your grandchildren’s grandchildren.
If any of the five terrible reasons I mentioned frame up your election campaign, take heart; it’s not too late. You can withdraw from the race now and free up a seat for people with the right motivation. Or you can reflect on your intentions and set a new course with a commitment to serve your community for the all the right reasons.

With thanks to Frances Bula and Andrea Reimer for the lead.

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