April 12, 2018

Stacked and Shifting Boxes on Vancouver's Melville Street Tower

Further to talking about twisty buildings, the design is in for a 36 storey highrise at 1133-1155 Melville Street between Thurlow and Bute Streets. Carlito Pablo in The Straight has written that “According to the design rationale prepared by the architectural company for the rezoning application, the concept for the skyscraper is a series of stacked boxes with different floor plate sizes and angles.” 
“The tower form is broken down to a set of stacked boxes, each one proportionally crafted to relate to its surrounding context and building height datums. The boxes are also shifted in their stacking position to best mediate the new tower’s adjacency to existing towers nearby.”
Designed by James KM Cheng architects this building demonstrates “the desired architectural excellence and creativity sought for taller buildings” according to planning department officials.The public hearing for the rezoning application for 1133-1155 Melville Street is scheduled Tuesday April 17.
1133-melville-street-vancouver-4Photos: The Daily Hive

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  1. Brilliant. Who would have ever thought that blocks of various sizes could be stacked at random angles on top of each other?

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