April 3, 2018

What Will Amazon do with that City Data?

Price Tags Vancouver has been writing about the cities vying to be the next “big thing” with Amazon. As we now know, many cities have put in proposals for the next Amazon headquarters, and provided that American owned electronic and cloud computing  company with tons of incentives and concepts hoping to  woo that company to their region.
Richard Florida on Twitter asks the salient question~”Amazon now has the biggest side data base in the world with promises of incentives”. So what will they do with that?”
Richard is right. Amazon has the current snapshot of who is who in North America, and knows the capacity for employment, housing, transportation and municipal and state incentives in each of the business cases sent to them. In an editorial summit, Price Tag Vancouver editors discussed the case of the Gartner Group that started out as a research group and  eventually morphed into  an American research and advisory firm providing information technology and business leadership advice globally.  Most of us have heard of or are familiar with the The Gartner Report. Can the Amazon Global Consulting Firm be far behind?
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