March 5, 2018

Hidden in Plain Sight: Millennial Majority

Amy Liu tweets: Despite media narratives, most existing and new millennials in urban centers are not white but young people of color. Read latest from Bill Frey of @BrookingsMetro:

As underscored in my report, “The millennial generation: A demographic bridge to America’s diverse future,” at 44 percent minority, millennials are the most diverse adult generation in American history. …
… nearly three-fifths of millennials residing in core urban counties are racial minorities, where more than a quarter are Hispanic, 18 percent are black, and the rest other races.  … notable metropolitan areas where whites constitute a minority of millennials are New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago (download Table 1). …
To the extent that young adult populations continue to gravitate to urban America, they will bring with them a strong racial-ethnic dimension. And as the even more racially diverse post-millennial generation ages into their 20s and follows similar trends, we will see even greater racial diversity among young adult populations in each part of the metropolitan area and especially in urban cores.


Hard to find exact comparative data for core Canadian cities, but there is this from Environics:


Unrelated but connected: this quote from an NYT op-ed: Go Ahead, Millennials, Destroy Us

One of my students once asked me, when I was teaching the writing of political op-ed essays, why adults should listen to anything young people had to say about the world. My answer: because they’re afraid of you. They don’t understand you. And they know you’re going to replace them.


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  1. We shall see how this plays out in BC as aging boomers and seniors have the upper hand at the moment, living generously in their tax free multiple 100,000’s or often multi-million $ houses or condos, often mortgage free, with indexed CPP or pensions, almost free healthcare, low property taxes, low income taxes AND discounts everywhere, while millennials struggle to even rent and/or have families squeezed into tiny houses or condos far away from jobs, with ever tougher to get mortgages and ever higher income taxes due to ever more regulations.
    The BC budget avoided to tax ALL properties more, far more, and tax incomes less, far less, like booming US states like TX or WA do to give wage earners more money in their jeans !
    New 2% “speculation” tax easy to cheat on with renting to relatives, friends or family. Albertans will dump their vacation properties in Victoria and Kelowna in droves, halting new supply immediately with unknown consequences on job market and local businesses that live off vacationing Albertans.
    We haven’t seen the last on this yet as the unintended consequences of this tax heist start to emerge, such as job losses and less investments into real estate ie LESS SUPPLY.

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