February 14, 2018

Promo for the Perfect Toronto Tenant

What to do when you live in a city with a low vacancy rate and need a place to rent?
That was what Huy Do faced in Toronto when tired of living in a house with four room mates, he decided to try to obtain the perfect place at the perfect price. He set the bar high~he wanted a one bedroom apartment in Toronto near the downtown for $1,300.
He is also a real film buff and created his own movie poster, and marketed himself on Facebook, Reddit and Kijiji.“One man, one dream, one bedroom near the core of Toronto,” the poster proclaims, adding rave reviews about Do such as “never parties” and “very likeable” as well as “employed full time” and “can pay by any method.”
Unbelievably his approach worked~he is signing a lease today for a one bedroom in his price range. “While Do is happy that his effort seems to have paid off, he recognizes not every tenant has the creativity, time or Photoshop skills to mount such a search.“I don’t think what I did could be scalable, or even repeatable,” he said. “Hopefully it shines a light to kind of different story as well, that it’s just a tough market out there.”

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