February 6, 2018

No Massey Bridge Decision but Delta Gets A Casino Right Beside Tunnel!

Despite all you have been reading in the Vancouver Sun and other media sources about casinos and money laundering, the City of Delta is going full steam ahead with their application for a casino “entertainment complex” with 162,678 square feet, 47,000 square feet of which will be the new casino. This new addition to gambling will be located on the site of the Delta Town and Country Inn (owned by Ron Toigo of White Spot)  with a total of 800 parking spaces for customers.
As reported in the Delta Optimist there are a series of open houses with representatives from Gateway Casinos and the B.C. Lottery Corporation present. The casino in Richmond is not too happy either, thinking that their clientele will drive to this new location on the Delta side of the Massey Tunnel.  At the first open house the public wanted to know how this 70 million dollar gambling facility would impact traffic. And they also wanted to know why this was being built if there was no decision on upgrading the Massey crossing yet.
The City of Delta had estimated that they will glean up to two million dollars as their cut from the gambling. But last week the lottery corporation  “estimates revenue coming to Delta will be at the top end of its initial $1.5 million to $3 million projection based on the casino opening with 500 slot machines, a figure BCLC  has termed as a conservative estimate. The proposed Delta casino would be built to house up to 600 slot machines to accommodate potential future growth.” You can find out more about Delta’s new casino at the City of Delta’s website here.
There are also two more meetings coming up  Feb. 7 at the Sungod Recreation Centre in North Delta and Feb. 8 at the Harris Barn in Ladner from 4 to 8 p.m. A ‘multi-civic committee meeting” will be held on February 15 at 7 p.m. at the same location .It appears that this casino application is being fast tracked and will be before council in April with the public hearing scheduled for May.

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