November 9, 2017

Burrard Bridge: Kudos

From Michael Alexander:
So a bunch of us rode across the Burrard bridge going north. After months of construction, workers are busy removing the fences and barriers on the east side, and the fabulous new bike lane and pedestrian walk is just opening.
As I cross the intersection with Pacific Boulevard, for some reason I drop my chain, so I’m standing there wiping my greasy fingers on the only thing available — the top of a traffic barrier– when a grizzled worker walks up  and hands me a paper napkin.
Flabbergasted , I just look at him and say thank you so much. And then I think about the riding experience we’ve just had, and I say, “You guys have done such a fabulous, fabulous job on this project.” And he says, “Well, everybody wants a fabulous job and they all want it done immediately.” and I said, “I can be very patient about about this because I know that really good work takes time and thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Then I joined my friends at Musette Caffé, the cyclist coffeehouse two blocks up Burrard, and over delicious Cortados, we talked about what fantastic public works Vancouver does, compared to other North American cities.

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  1. It’s so true about good things taking time. I would rather they do it right and then we don’t have to revisit it for another 50 years instead of rushed minor fixes and then have to do another fix for something else in a few years.
    I’ve been thinking about that petition from a few months ago. I wonder how many people who signed it now regret doing that.

    1. Fully agree. I was also thinking about the number of people who signed that petition. With this site getting upwards of 10 unique user names, all with different emails, from an individual, I wonder how many of the petition signers are actual people, and how many are actual residents of Vancouver.

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