August 3, 2017

"South Van Twangs Meet West End Pangs" at the Museum of Vancouver

There is an opportunity to learn more about the esoteric, amazing and extraordinary stories of Vancouver from three people who really do their research-at a special event at the Vancouver Museum  on Thursday August 18.  Historian and author John Atkin needs little introduction and you can check out his website here.  A former City of Vancouver staffer he delves into history the way most of us would a cold beer, travels extensively, and  leads very popular  historical walks in Vancouver and  London, all intensively researched and delightful. Rob Howatson is an established journalist and author  that has uncovered many a remarkable story, including how Loretta Lynn performed and was discovered in Vancouver-singing in an old chicken coop.
Mike Harling, a music aficionado  and historical detective (credited with finding the Time Capsule at the old Sunset Community Centre)  rounds out the trio with  “Vancouver narratives which on the surface appear too strange to be true, except that they are!”Besides the discovery of a music legend, this evening will also inform on surprising stories of how the west end became high density, and  dispell many commonly held myths of how this city developed.
And here’s a short video via Rob Howatson on  the historical ‘Chicken Coop’ Jam Sessions:

 South Van Twang meets West End Pangs in a single, fun packed evening of history, stories, images and musical interludes. -Museum of Vancouver, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
Date: Thursday, August 17, 2017
Time: 7:00pm
Admission: Advance tickets (Until August 10): *Adults: $15; Seniors, Students: $13; MOV Members Free.
After August 10: *Adults: $17; Seniors, Students: $15; MOV Members Free.
To Register online, click on this link.
Gallery admission included with event ticket. Come early and explore.
* Online Tickets Sales will end ONE HOUR before the event begins. Remaining tickets on sale at the door / Visitor Services at the time of event.

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