August 3, 2017

Help Us Do That Bike Thing Right

Boffo Developments Ltd. asked for help recently, and looked to HUB for answers.  HERE‘s Boffo’s news item on the result, and HERE is HUB’s report (63-page PDF).
At right is the VGH bike facility (click to enlarge).
Excerpt from HUB’s report, as quoted by Boffo, who sponsored it, in part:

The idea for this project grew out of HUB Cycling’s experience in recent years of being asked by developers to provide advice and insight into how their new building projects could better meet the needs of and appeal to people who ride bikes. At the same time HUB Cycling has been asked by municipal staff how cities can better engage with developers and managers to create more and better cycling amenities in buildings.
Cycling is the fastest growing mode of transportation in Metro Vancouver, and 41 percent of people in the region want to cycle more.1 Census data shows that commuter cyclists are over-represented in high-skill and high-income professions.
Some leading Vancouver commercial property developers are already recognizing the benefits of designing and installing exemplary end-of-trip facilities and are seeing the benefits in lower than average vacancy rates but there are opportunities for the broader development industry to see the value and demand more bike-friendly features from their design teams.

The 63-page report (“Not Just Bike Racks — Informing Design for End of Trip Cycling Amenities in Vancouver Real Estate”) looks at a number of examples of bike-oriented development, reviews applicable legislation, incentives and design guidelines, and offers thoughts about how to proceed during the project design process.
As with some politicos, the development community has come a long way.  Why I remember (said the crotchety geezer) when any talk of bike stuff with builders and developers would usually get “<*snort*>, NEXT question” as the response.

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