April 30, 2017

Surrealist Dali Sculpture Makes Temporary Vancouver Debut

From Nuvo Magazine, Vancouver will have a very special visitor this summer to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday-an original sculpture by Surrealist artist  Salvador Dalí called “Dance of Time 1”. This installation will be situated  close to the waterfront and is a two meter high bronze sculpture of his signature melting stopwatch.
The $750,000 sculpture, on loan from Swiss non-profit art organization the Stratton Institute, has been gifted to the city by Vancouver’s Chali-Rosso Art Gallery in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.”The large-scale piece is the last addition to the private gallery’s Definitely Dalí project: a collection of 100 artworks including smaller sculptures, watercolour paintings, and drawings by the surrealist artist, on display at the Chali-Rosso Gallery.”
Dali was noted for being extremely eccentric in appearance, sporadic in behaviour and the absolutely best publicist for himself. He famously said””It is not necessary for the public to know whether I am joking or whether I am serious, just as it is not necessary for me to know it myself.
I found out what that meant on an Air France flight from Tenerife to Lyon decades ago when the plane was held while Salvador Dali tried to board with his entourage of young women dressed in diaphanous dresses.The flight attendants did not want him taking his personal two meter long walking staff aboard. Dali, who was quite short with a very big waxed moustache, was not getting on the plane without it. He also carried two bouquet of orchids. Like his work, his life was a performance.
The Dali installation at West Hastings and Hornby will be here from May 6 to September 2017.

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  2. Just watched a DVD: ‘Lost Rivers’ – on the daylighting of rivers in N.Y., Toronto, Seoul, and Brescia. Brilliant. Inspiring. Taking away a parking lot and enabling nature. What a concept. That the Koreans left some of the supports for the overpass in the river is genius. Symbolic.
    Couldn’t find an exact place to post, but this will do – it certainly is surreal to see people sloshing around in drains that were built centuries ago.

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