April 12, 2017

A Public Secret

I call it the Yaletown Promenade.  It would be a truly spectacular urban secret, except that there are scads of people using it.  Walking, reading in the sun, listening to the happy chaos of kids at the local school and playground.
Whenever I’m here, I always cogitate as I trudge along.  How much do we owe to elected officials and planning staff who (probably) shed their blood and tears to make this happen.  I shudder to think what could have been:  this land as a motordom’s paradise, with an arterial, parking lots, strip malls and buildings cutting off the shore line to all but property owners.
I also think about what the Arbutus Greenway might become.
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Extra rewards for those who find:   cherry trees (easy), magnolia blossoms, swoopy cruiser bike, 2 dogs, bike locked to a heart, kid-swarmed playground.


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  1. No matter how outrageously expensive those condos become, or how many dark vacancies are (still rather unscientifically) tallied, or the size of the developer’s profit margins and political donations, that waterfront will always remain free to all and solidly locked into public ownership forever.
    Many thanks to Vancouver’s past and present decision makers who made it happen.

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