July 7, 2016

Ohrn Image — Public Art

Comox & Bidwell

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  1. Re. the wind towers alluded to in this piece – they are not benign – they are huge, horrible, and terrifying – which is why Donny Drumpf objected to them being near his mostest bestest golf course. The stroboscopic effect of their gargantuan blades and turbine whine drives people mad. They are a relentless torture – as lovely as living next to a nuclear power plant.
    Photovoltaics, hydro, Pasiv Haus, and geothermal – yes. Wind towers – no: they are dystopian – a nightmare. Wind farm sounds pastoral – Turbine Towers gets no traction.
    Maybe Drumpf should branch out and start investing in this nasty business – think of all the gorgeous Trump Turbine Towers he could build. He could string them up along the top of the Great Wall of Bullshit – two birds with one pile of concrete – and get those criminal Mexicans to pay for it as penance for Americans’ drug addiction; and letting those evil fruit pickers steal jobs that nobody wants.