June 20, 2016

Grab That Can of Paint and Get to the Street- Part Two

We have all had those moments where we know what we need to do, and just need a small push to go out of the comfort zone and just get it done. Well, some Edmontonians living and biking on Saskatchewan Drive must have had a great work party on Thursday June 17, as on Friday the City awoke to a new bike lane. And that bike lane was complete with orange pylons, bike lane stencils, and sticky tape.
Yes, it all looked official. There was just one problem-the new bike lane blocked a bus stop. You can imagine the bus driver calling at 5:50 a.m. Friday morning to city hall, wondering what was going on. And you can imagine city hall’s response.
While no one is taking responsibility for this installation,  a spokesman for Paths for People said the infrastructure in the area is not safe for people on bikes, stating “This little piece of guerilla urbanism I see as a symptom of a larger problem.”
The City has stated that rogue lines on a street are illegal and so is a rogue bike lane. A city spokesperson suggested that if a group wanted to do a bike lane, they could by applying for a permit from the city. Hmm…I didn’t know cities gave out permits for bike lanes.  I bet there will be a group or two of avid bicyclists in Edmonton at the permit counter soon.

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