March 27, 2016

Save the dates to plan a fabu Jane's Walk @janeswalk #janeswalkvan

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Jane Jacobs, urbanist and author, believed in walkable neighbourhoods, urban literacy, and cities planned by and for everybody.

We celebrate Jane’s birthday every year by leading and tagging along on Jane’s Walks. You create a walking tour of an area you’d like to talk about or celebrate and people sign up for it. It’s less of a lecture and more of a walking conversation. Leaders share their knowledge, but also encourage discussion and participation among the walkers. The whole thing is free.
It could also be a jogging tour or a bicycling tour or a skateboarding tour…
The one hour orientation session is Monday April 25 from 5:30-6:30pm at the Mount Pleasant Community Library.
Jane’s Walks, now in its 9th year, are held Friday-Sunday, May 6, 7, or 8 in 2016.

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      Hi Agustin. As a Pricetags reader, whenever I saw the automated tweets of posts on Twitter, I thought they were a missed opportunity for greater coverage on Twitter. I was the Guest Editor for a week so had the opportunity to experiment with Twitter handles and hashtags in the titles. That way, since posts can be set up to tweet automatically with the title and link, they get more traction on Twitter. I particularly wanted certain Business Improvement Associations to be flagged.
      It doesn’t look as good on the blog page. That’s the trade-off.
      My week is over so it might not happen again if that makes you feel better.

      1. OK, I gotcha. I prefer the headlines not in Twitterese, but experimentation is good.
        Good job as guest editor, by the way.

      2. It took me quite awhile to figure out what all these number signs and @ symbols without being an email address was all about. I at first thought they were typos but they kept happening.
        Sigh… every six months there’s some new software that we all have to then know.

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