September 21, 2015

Tony Zhou: On Vancouver and Bugs Bunny

Tony Zhou, of Every Frame A Painting, has got a lot of local coverage on this video, for good reason:


Perhaps no other city has been as thoroughly hidden from modern filmmaking as Vancouver, my hometown. Today, it’s the third biggest film production city in North America, behind Los Angeles and New York. And yet for all the movies and TV shows that are shot there, we hardly ever see the city itself. So today, let’s focus less on the movies and more on the city in the background.


Tony apparently is in San Francisco now (have we lost another!) where he does brilliant work on film analysis.  Irresistibly, I checked out this one:



Believe me, you will understand the work of master animator Chuck Jones so much better.
Tony’s Vimeo site is here.

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  1. A great video. I think if Vancouver starts “starring” as itself in movies, it risks becoming recognizable to worldwide audiences. That, in turn, will take away our generic setting which has served us so well for producing movies.
    As a local movie watcher, I really hate it now though. For instance, I was watching “If I Stay” recently. It’s a gut-wrentching movie. I’m watching the show, really getting emotionally involved and then WHAMO! Hey, that’s the Rickshaw. They filmed this scene at the Rickshaw. And, I’m instantly out of the movie, and it’s all fake to me. Just ruins it.
    Then I spend the rest of the movie half-consciously trying to figure out where they shot locations. Happens a lot, obviously. Anyone else do this?

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