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It’s an awfully attractive building, and the last one associated with a name, Arthur Erickson, even more iconic than the architecture.

But the name on the tower?  Not so much.



Trump is a brand, for which the builders and managers of the West Georgia tower no doubt paid handsomely.  But how long before the name becomes indivisible from the eponymous politician and not the image of luxury it was supposed to evoke?  A burden, not a benefit.

From Business in Vancouver:

The hotel is slated to open a month before the Republican convention, when the Trump name could be dominating headlines. (New General Manager for the hoteland tower, Philipp) Posch, however, does not believe that scenario will have too much of an effect on the hotel’s ability to attract guests.

“There’s a certain percentage of people who love him and a certain percentage of people who hate him,” Posch said of Trump. “He’s been a celebrity for many, many years and people know him and what he believes. It’s a lot more in your face right now, but Trump is a great brand. People who love him or hate him probably loved him or hated him five years ago.”

Maybe, but how many more headlines like this does it take?

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On the other hand, even in Rio, where another Trump hotel is opening, the discount rate is high: “Trump Hotel Goes Up, and His Latino Views Barely Raise Eyebrows.”

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