August 17, 2015

Cyclodeo Update: More Vancouver coverage

An email from Samir Bendida of Cyclodeo:

I am the founder of Cyclodeo which you kindly mentioned in one of you blog entries last year. Since you wrote “Vancouver needs this!”, I made a mental note that I needed to keep you informed.

Indeed, we have released 25 rides recorded in Downtown Vancouver (as well as Riga, Vilnius and Paris recently)

There are three ways to access the Vancouver Cyclodeo Map:


1. By clicking on the small picture representing Vancouver in the welcome page

2. Via the drop-down menu (at the top of the page) after selecting Vancouver and clicking on the Explore button

3. Directly via this link where you’ll see the current coverage in blue on the map


When moving the mouse pointer on the map, you’ll see the corresponding tracks highlighted in green. By clicking on any of them, a pop up window will inform you about the ride you selected. To visualize this ride, you’ll have to click on the blue button “View ride”. Make sure to increase the quality of the video when your connection speed allows it.

Cycl 2


While playing the videos, you’ll see a green marker moving on the map. By clicking anywhere on the track, you will skip in the video to the exact point of interest. In other words, the progress bar of the video player and the track on the map are synchronized.

Cycl 1

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