August 14, 2015

Two Towns on Highway 97

The answer to the question in ‘Up Country – 2‘ – what town is this? – is indeed 100 Mile House.  Here’s the Streetview (and map):

100 mile house.

You can see from the grass boulevard on the right that the town as at least tried to soften the impact of highway-oriented retail (as the zoning map would have it) where form follows parking.  But to little effect.

On the other hand, 70 kilometres south, there’s the small town of Clinton (map). Here’s the Streetview:



Same highway, but curb parking on both sides.  Sidewalks!  And no surface parking in front of the retail, with lawns and repurposed heritage houses defining the character of the street.  And look, even people sitting at tables looking on to the highway.

It can be done.

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  1. You can see from the aerial views that the 2 streets do not perform the same function in each community.

    In 100 Mile house, the main [commercial retail] street would appear to be Birch Street.

    In Clinton, the highway also appears to be the main street.

    By analogy, what you are asking is equivalent to:

    Why doesn’t West Georgia Street look like Robson Street?

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