I’m away for a few weeks.  I’ll try to keep up with the post-referendum observations and debate – and will bring forward the best of readership input as separate posts.  But there’ll be a limited amount of blogging until I return after July 14.

And if any of you have recommendations on what to see and do in Copenhagen – as well as any contacts I should make (especially if there PT readers there), let me know below.

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  1. Definitely get out into the Danish countryside. Leave Copenhagen behind for a few days if you can. On the list… island of Romo, historical town of Ribe, castles Dragsholm (hotel) and Kronborg.

    In Copenhagen, definitely check out Louisiana.

    Try to meet Jan Gehl!?!

    Tivoli gardens are very lively and interesting. Disney partially copied them in this design of Disneyland.

    Christiania is a must for counter culture and all sorts of picturesque types…

    Definitely head out to Orested to check out the starchitecture mostly disconnected from the city and standing all alone… on the way there, check out the campus of the IT Universiteted i Kobenhavn that is near the Islands Brygge metro station.

    Danish Architecture Centre – they have an architecture guide that can be useful.

    Try to get some information on the Carlsberg Brewery site redevelopment as well…


  2. Malmö over on the Swedish side is also worth seeing – it’s only half an hour away by the frequent trains across the Öresund Bridge, with no border formalities. The centre is an interesting multi-century blend of 19th-century to present-day buildings working on a medieval pattern, while the West Harbour area is a good example of what Europe is doing with spaces equivalent to Yaletown.

  3. Just read your Copenhagen post now! I am an avid PT reader, but have been occupied with other priorities of recent. Vancouver native and urban planning student. Let me know if you’re still in town! (+45) 28 63 81 28. I would gladly meet up with you Saturday or Sunday for coffee and visitor tips if you are still in the Copenhagen area and looking for things to do, with a critical planner’s perspective. Cheers, Andrew

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