June 18, 2015

Price Tags: The Colour of My Voice

Some readers are confused about which ‘voice’ is speaking in a Price Tags post at any one time. Is it me, the blogger, or someone like the Daily Scot? Is it a quote from another source? Do I speak in italics, indents or plain text?

In an experiment starting today, I’ll speak in colour (Irish green, they call it), whether in plain text or italics. I’m not sure whether the colour will be picked up in all media, but it’s worth a try to provide more clarity.

I’m trying out different colours. Let me know if it works for you.

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  1. Given that you are the consistent voice, I would suggest your writing is in black and guest voices are in colour.

  2. I agree with dbarkley2014. Price in black; contributors in colour.

    I am not sure that red is the best colour choice, with it’s aggressive associations. Personally, I’d prefer a mid-shade of blue. For those whose media don’t pick up colour, you and guests could further be separated via fonts.

  3. This is a problem that should be addressed in the content, not in the presentation layer.
    Color will be stripped in RSS feeds, and by apps or browser features that provide a cleaner reading mode.
    The current design is already not great for readbility; long passages in italics or colors with less contrast to the background will be significantly worse – making the use of readability modes more critical, although many people aren’t aware of the options they have and will be stuck with a poor reading experience.
    As a WordPress.com hosted blog, all the tools you need to produce semantic content and present it with appropriate and effective styles are built in, and help is available through WordPress.com documentation, the vast community of WordPress users, general web best practices resources, and Price Tags readers like me.