June 4, 2015

The Next Stage: Burrard and Pacific Intersection Upgrade – 2

Coverage from the widely read Streetsblog USA:




In 2009, Vancouver converted a southbound car lane on the west side of the Burrard Bridge to a protected bikeway using concrete dividers, freeing up the sidewalk for pedestrians. On the east side, the city converted the existing sidewalk into a bike path.

The three-month experiment defied predictions of carmageddon and became a permanent fixture. Thanks to the protected lane and an overhaul of the intersection on one end of the span in 2013, the Burrard Bridge has become “the city’s most popular bike route,” according to Metro

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  1. I saw the aftermath of a nasty crash just past the south end of the bridge yesterday. There were already paramedics at the scene, so I didn’t stop. But it is a good reminder that no matter how safe we make it, cycling can still be dangerous.

    1. I agree with “N”. The health risks of not cycling (being inactive) exceed the health risks of cycling by about 20:1. The risks of being inactive cross many common chronic conditions.

      1. Cycling itself is inherently safe. A better word to use is “vulnerable” and that would be in certain situations. Does anyone know about this crash and the details of it?

    2. Not sure dangerous is the right word here. Street designs can be dangerous, but not cycling or walking itself. More training/education on cycling is certainly needed, by both drivers and cyclists. It is amazing in what dangerous situations some people put themselves and/or others, probably often without realizing.

      Cycling is dangerous when a bike has no brakes, lights or other faults, but that’s the case with any outdoor activity requiring some sort of equipment.

  2. I don’t like the word dangerous here. It implies that you are taking a risk by cycling. I would argue the opposite. By not cycling you are exposing yourself to health risks such as obesity etc. The risk is greater by not cycling.