May 20, 2015

What could Downtown Vancouver be like in 25 years

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association is asking:


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  1. In 25 years almost every car will be driverless. This will allow for the almost elimination of on street parking. We will also expect much less traffic as very few cars will be single occupancy vehicles. This will allow for much wider sidewalks and more bike lanes. All the more reason to not expand our road network.

  2. Well the downtown business improvement association is all about business-and shopping so that comment does not surprise me. My takeaway is the last speaker in the clip-do we decide how the downtown is shaped in the future, or do we let individual developers from elsewhere decide?

  3. My suggestions:

    -More bold and edgy public space design, more colour less grey conservative concrete.

    -New building development should consider the incorporation of laneways and passageways through the site with shops/cafes opening up onto them.

    -Program for more Micro-retail spaces, kiosks, etc. Would allow more flexibility, lower startup costs and add more life to the streetscape.

    -Allow cafes in the business districts to have liquor licenses and PM operating hours so they can attract people to otherwise dead areas of downtown at night. Spreading activity around the city after-hours.

  4. Less to no cars please. More walkable spaces. Two more subways are required:

    a) one going south, either below Burrard or Granville going south
    b) one from N-Burnaby through E-Van, below Robson to Stanley Park, then onto Lionsgate bridge to W-Van connecting with subway under Marine Drive in N-Van

    A denser West-End, with a mix of shopping, cafes, open plazas, social housing, market rentals and high-end condos.

    A renewed and denser E-Van, with a mix of shopping, cafes, open plazas, social housing, market rentals and high-end condos.

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