April 28, 2015

Twinning Tweets on Climate: “The odds have changed”

Two items that came in close together on climate change.  First from the New York Times:


New Study Links Weather Extremes to Global Warming


 The moderate global warming that has already occurred as a result of human emissions has quadrupled the frequency of certain heat extremes since the Industrial Revolution, scientists reported Monday, and they warned that a failure to bring greenhouse gases under control could eventually lead to a 62-fold increase in such heat blasts.

The planetary warming has had a more moderate effect on intense rainstorms, the scientists said, driving up their frequency by 22 percent since the 19th century. Yet such heavy rains could more than double later this century if emissions continue at a high level, they said.

“People can argue that we had these kinds of extremes well before human influence on the climate — we had them centuries ago,” said Erich M. Fischer, lead author of a study published Monday by the journal Nature Climate Change. “And that’s correct. But the odds have changed, and we get more of them.”


Then from Business in Vancouver:


Canadians complacent as extreme weather events rise: insurers


“Canadian agree that extreme weather is on the rise, they’ve seen more frequent and severe weather events, yet the actually precautionary measure they’re going to take to protect their home has declines,” said Paula Bandi, a product manager with RBC Insurance.

Damage caused by weather has increased 650% between 2009 and 2012, according to RBC.


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