Always interesting to see references to Vancouver in surprising places … like this ‘Shouts and Murmurs’ piece in the current New Yorker – a satirical take on Gym Membership Packages:




NYFor lanky men wearing bandannas and cut female hedge-fund managers, this pass permits unlimited use of the gym’s indoor rock-climbing wall. The wall comes equipped with Easy, Challenging, and Blatantly Impossible routes, and provides the opportunity to be confronted with the graphic outlines of spandex-clad male genitalia while simultaneously being engulfed by an eight-year-old’s birthday party. This membership also grants you permission to pretend that rock climbing is a legitimate form of exercise even though you spend most of the time standing around waiting for a turn on the wall.

Free with pass: chalk, bruised toenails, and conversations with people who want to tell you about how you should really visit Vancouver sometime.

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