March 17, 2015

Stereotypes and Cycling in Toronto

From blogTO:

New poster from Sly Eye: It’s baskets for the Beaches, Bike Share for the downtown, a battered commuter for Parkdale, and deep-rims for Queen West. It’s almost frustrating being so predictable as a city, isn’t it? Not sure about the choice for Yonge and Eglinton, but overall this looks pretty good.



Challenge: the Vancouver version.

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  1. I think Vancouver’s would just be mountain bikes on the North Shore, roadies everywhere else, and a cargo bike wherever Bruntlett lives.

  2. fixies for main and commercial? seems fixies are falling out of style already though.

    always thought vancouver was a town whose neighbourhoods strongly dictated who you are and coincidentally what type of bike you ride.

    1. I’m told that something that fixie riders are doing now is installing hidden gear hubs. Two-speed hubs that from the outside look like a regular hub but actually have two speeds.

      Fashion slaves.