March 12, 2015

Ohrn Image: Most Viewed

Ken Ohrn:

Years ago, I decided to start uploading some of my cityscapes (and other stuff) to Panoramio.

This because some of the photos, after vetting by staff, end up on Google Earth and Google Maps.
Yesterday some time, the aggregate number of views of my photos clicked over 250,000.  That’s lotsa looks.

My account is HERE.

And here is my most viewed photo.



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  1. What an eyesore. It’s repulsive. It should be sent back to the design panel. Not the place for a signature building. It’s disrespectful of its context. It’s just an awful expression of the architecture that has been spreading all over the planet. It’s downright parasitic. This is an example of the colonization of our cities by the gelato brigades, it’s architecturally strange, and attention grabbing, probably designed behind closed doors. Who gets to decide the shape and feel of our cities anyway?

  2. Thanks, Marvin. I enjoy taking photos. Plus it’s a way to constantly challenge myself to maintain creativity, foster personal growth and find new parts of our world.

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