February 26, 2015

Canadians in Metro

Just sorting through images on my phone, and came across a couple that seem to be to reflect something about who we are.

Queuing for the bus alongside the New West SkyTrain station:

Canadians 1


Surrey City staff at an assembly (that’s City Manager Vince LaLonde on the right):

Canadians 2


Got some images that reflect us?  Send them along for the morning shot – pricetags (at) shaw (dot) ca.

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  1. The lining up for the bus is such a Vancouver mannerism. I have lived across Canada but never seen such an orderly and gentle approach to bus boarding. It is also one of those things you always tell people when they come here. Never, ever crowd onto a bus. What wonderful decorum.

    1. It’s a big city thing. I first observed it in Montreal in the ’90s. It makes a lot of sense. I don’t know if anyone asked them to do it. Maybe it just happened spontaneously.

  2. The New West shot is actually a fine example of poor urban planning and insufficient bus service. The people we see standing there are actually standing in the loading bay driveway for the Shops at New West complex. When more than 15 people are waiting for that bus, that’s where they line up.

    And because TransLink doesn’t have money to expand the C3 route, that line forms more often than not during rush hour.

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