February 25, 2015

Quote: Congestion, Tolerance and iPods

” … people get frustrated by traffic congestion, which costs them considerable time and inconvenience. They demand that ‘government’ fix the problem — just don’t raise their taxes. Someone else should pay. When it comes down to forking over their own money, people display a remarkably high tolerance for congestion. If they have to pay for it, they’ll usually opt to plug in their iPod and put up with an extra ten minutes of driving.”

James Bacon, Smart Growth for Conservatives

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  1. One pays either way: either in time or in real $s. Some folks prefer the former ; others the latter.
    Ore buses cause more congestion as we can see on Briadway or 4th where they hog two lanes usually and slow down traffic behind them as they pull into a bus stop or leave one. As such more buses, and the same number of cars is not a viable solution. I didn’t even see priority signaling for the many B-lines as now buses with 90 people in th stop for a minute every few blocks to let a car cross with a sold driver in it.

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