February 5, 2015

London’s Cycle Superhighways approved

Michael Mortensen sends along the good news – from NPR:

London Mayor Boris Johnson’s ambitious plan to reshape how the city handles cyclist traffic got final approval Wednesday, clearing the way for the spread of segregated bike lanes and dedicated traffic signals. Johnson plans to create a network for cyclists that rivals the city’s transit system.

“The board of Transport for London approved a plan to spend £160m (around $240 million) on segregated bike lanes,” Britain’s ITV reports. “The biggest investment will be on two controversial ‘cycle superhighways’ running east-west and north-south through central London.” …

The changes in bike infrastructure are extensive. To get a sense of the scale, you can check out a PDF posted online by the Transport for London that highlights major shifts, such as bike routes that will take over space currently occupied by traffic lanes and rows of parking.






… new figures that were released this week that showed cycling, already popular in London, had grown in popularity another 10 percent, marking a fifth consecutive quarter of record gains.

“These amazing numbers show how cyclists are becoming ubiquitous in London and prove, if further proof were needed, why we need to crack on with catering for them,”Johnson said earlier this week.


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