November 6, 2014

Vancouver CycleChic: Leanne & Ryan / "Balance"

The fourth in the new season of #CycleChicFilms: Two opposing personalities find balance through sharing a creative outlet.


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  1. Hi Gord — nice to be in the same room with you today and chat after. No wonder you were the longest sitting councillor in Vcr’s history or whatever the heck it was.
    I just spoke with Mark — he says hello and yes he’d like to see you too. So next time he’s here, likely later this month, I will arrange for us all to take out our Daytimers and make a date.
    If you can, please come [ with a guest, of course] to our [hopefully] victory party that night. It’s at Creekside Community Centre 8 pm on. You can regale us all with tales of Larry Campbell…. and other power squanderers!
    Do you know Adriane? She was my instructor in BC geography at j-school 35 years ago and lured me into all this.
    See you!
    Glenda at 604.669.3669

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