September 10, 2014

By comparison: If you think rents in Vancouver are high …

Try San Francisco.
From Curbed:

… everything is compressed into one miniature 372-square-foot space, and there’s no actual kitchen, just a mini-fridge, microwave, and countertop within spitting distance of the bed alcove.
As of this morning, the flat was listed for a whopping $3,175/month, but the owner seems to have undergone at least a mild realty check since then. Now the place could be yours for $2,900/month furnished—or $2,700/month if you’re bringing your own tiny couch, TV, and bed.

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  1. ouch .. the result of NIMBYism .. no development .. and also land locked like Vancouver. At least they create more land in the South-Bay near Palo Alto / San Jose and in San Mateo, UNLIKE Richmond, Surrey Vancouver or Delta which could easily create 10-20 sq km of new land (in the tidal flats) and monetize it for residential, commercial, industrial or recreational development.

  2. I have a friend who was looking to emigrate to Canada from San Francisco. He’s since decided to stay because the U.S. isn’t so bad now with Obama, but when he was here checking things out, he kept being amazed at how cheap things were: rents, parking, food, etc.
    I guess these things are all relative.